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Prof. Dr. Ali Osman SAATCİ

Retina, Vitreus and Uvea Disorders

Prof. Dr. Ali Osman SAATCİ


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T.E.D Ankara College - 1977

Hacettepe University Medical Faculty Ankara - 1983

Hacettepe University Medical Faculty Department of Opthalmology Ankara - 1989

University of Texas Hermann Eye Center , Houston A.B.D. - 1990-91

9 Eylül University Medical Faculty Department of Opthalmology İzmir - 1992 / now

Associate Professor - 1994

Professor - 2000


Retinal and vitreus disorder



American Academy of Ophtalmology - AAO


The Association for research in vision and opthalmology - ARVO

Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society

Turkish Opthalmology Association - TOD


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